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Huge thank you to GiGi's Bar&Grill Hookah Lounge for being so generous and hardworking. $1000 donation. We’ve already purchased missed tourniquets for the whole amount. It’ll be traveling to Ukraine next week🙏🏻 Let’s support them back. Order incredible pizza, lunch, drink. Let’s give back to caring local business . . #ukraine #usa #usa🇺🇸 #myrtlebeach #sc #gigipizza

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Thank you everyone for coming today and for continuing bringing the awareness to the tragic situation in Ukraine! #standwithukraine

Important topics we talked about:

1) Tuesday April 12th there would be 2nd “Ukrainian Event” 5pm-8pm Tidal Creek Brewhouse (pls make sure all your friend will come too), raised money form food sales and tshirts will go towards support for Ukraine.

2) We signed a letter directed to our local officials Myrtle Beach City Government Horry County Government, if you didn’t sign it today please stay tuned for a digital version.

3) Archbishop Daniel with Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA want to meet our community in 2 weeks from now to discuss a future of Ukrainian church in Myrtle Beach, SC. So it will extremely important for all of us to meet him and show that we do have a community here!

Having Ukrainian Church in Grand Stand area will play a key role for the future of Ukrainian community for decades to come, so we ask you to make arrangements in your schedule and be present when time will come.

Thank you everyone once again! Glory to Ukraine

The “World for Ukraine” nonprofit.

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This video is about honest, brave, hardworking, bighearted "World for Ukraine" nonprofit organization.

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